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Why should you have silver god idols in pooja room?

28/10/2022 | Staff 0

What makes silver idols the favorite of people when it comes to having idols in a pooja room? Well, there are several concrete reasons for the same, and you must know them. Of course, you must know them in order to ensure that you don’t have any doubts in your mind when you place them in your pooja room.

So, what are the major benefits of having silver god idols in your pooja room? Checkout the answers below.

Major reasons to place silver god idols in pooja room


  1. Silver idol Lord Ganesha: We all know that Ganesha is the first god that we worship on any occasion. Silver idol Ganesha won’t only bring joy, happiness, and positive vibes at your home, but also, prosperity alongside. The beautifully crafted Ganesha in silver would definitely give you and your family members pleasant feelings whenever you worship the idol.
  1. Silver idol Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati: Silver idol Shiva & Parvati would bring a lot of peace and prosperity at your home. Also, the silver idol Shiva & Parvati is believed to improve the relationship between husband and wife along with keeping all the stress and negative vibes away from your home and of course, your life.
  1. Silver idol Lord Hanuman: Lord Hanuman signifies courage, strength, and power. The presence of the idol of Lord Hanuman alone can give you immense strength to fight tough situations and come out of the same. The silver idol of Lord Hanuman can not only give you strength and courage but also bring good health and happiness alongside. Try to keep the silver idol of Lord Hanuman in the South direction to ensure that all sorts of negative energies stay away from you and your family.
  1. Silver idol of Goddess Lakshmi: We all know that Lakshmi Devi is the source of spiritual and material wealth. Placing the silver idol of Goddess Lakshmi can make sure that you never run out of wealth and peace.

Silver idols of god come with immense importance in our religion, and rightly so. Be it peace, prosperity, strength, or anything, silver god idols can bring everything from you. Worshipping silver idols of god and keeping them in your pooja room can keep you and your family from all sorts of negative vibes. Yes, it’s necessary to check things like directions before you place the silver idol of gods in your pooja room.


If you had any doubts about if you should place silver idols of god in your pooja room or not, they must be now clear. As mentioned, just check the aspects like the directions of the silver idols, place with full belief and trust, and notice the difference.

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