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About Us

Our History

From the 125 year old legacy of our Great grandfather, Parasu Sundararajulu Chetty, PSJ has been running in our veins. We’ve grown up watching and learning from them - knowing to never compromise on quality and purity. This has been at the forefront of our business and the key to staying successful till date. We’ve had customers who have lasted generations and will continue to do so, because trust is one thing we don’t compromise on. 

Evolving with changing times

Constantly evolving with times is key to staying in the market. Innovating with new patterns, metals and techniques, finding new ways to reach out to our customers, providing designs by keeping up with the trends are some of the ways we continue to build trust and quality amongst our customers.  As our grandfather said, Quality never comes cheap - but we make sure to provide the true value for quality in every sense. Be it product quality, customer service, sales or delivery. 

Going Digital

The transformation from a small town brick and mortar store to an online jewellery store hasn’t been easy, but it is definitely worth it. Now we will be able to take our designs and skills built over generations to a larger audience. Jewellery has always been associated with emotions, culture and devotion - which is difficult to achieve at an online store. Our goal after going digital is to achieve a seamless jewellery shopping experience which will allow you to experience the same emotions as you would in a storefront. Detailed product listings, 100% transparency in billing and delivery and customer support throughout the process.

About the owner

My name is Lohith. I am a fourth generation business owner for PSJ. I started out my career as a Chartered Accountant and accomplished several milestones in the field. However, I felt the need to expand our family business beyond its current horizons and tap opportunities online. We started this site to showcase to the world the kind of stunning craftsmanship that we possess, and to build lasting relationships of trust and friendship with our customers - just like our forefathers taught us.